C1.1—Overview of Incoterms with 2020 Changes

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This is a short course to introduce the role and importance of trade terms (Incoterms) to specify respective seller and buyer responsibilities in an export-import transaction. This course also highlights key changes in Incoterms 2020 for those already aware of Incoterms.

Important: This is not "nuts and bolts" training for those (sellers or buyers) who will be negotiating international transactions, nor for service providers such as international forwarders and customs brokers, who must interpret and act on trade terms for specific transactions and/or advise others. We recommend GISTnet courses C1 or C1.3 for more in depth training in Incoterms.

Summary of Incoterms

The purpose of Incoterms with a general explanation and key limitations, and Incoterms Groups.

(Estimated study time: 57 minutes)

Seller and Buyer Responsibilities Under All Incoterms; Delivery & Passage of Risk

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 22 minutes)

Changes under Incoterms 2010

(Estimated study time: 16 minutes)