T25u—FMC Regulatory Compliance for U.S. Ocean Forwarders and NVOs Serving U.S. Ports

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This course addresses the various regulatory requirements imposed by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission on ocean freight forwarders, NVOCCs and agents of foreign NVOs arranging or providing transportation via U.S. ports. It is designed for managers, supervisors, sales, and full charge operations staff responsible for providing and marketing these services.

Important: This course has been updated to include detailed coverage of NVOCC Negotiated Rate Arrangements ("NRA") which became available for use on April 18, 2011.

FMC Regulatory Mission and Primary Methods

The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission exists to protect shippers and consignees, particularly small ones, from unfair practices by ocean common carriers, and to protect U.S. flag common carriers and U.S.-based NVOs from discriminatory practices by foreign carriers or nations. In this lesson we will address how the FMC performs these regulatory mandates given to it by the U.S. Congress.

(Estimated study time: 41 minutes)

FMC Requirements for Ocean Carrier Tariff Publication; Exceptions to Tariff Applicability

This lesson addresses the mechanisms by which scheduled ocean carriers establish their shipping rates, other charges and conditions of service, including tariff publication and alternatives to tariff publication.

(Estimated study time: 59 minutes)

Tariff Enforcement & Dispute Resolution; Shipper-VOCC Service Contracts

This lesson addresses ocean carrier tariff enforcement by the FMC, and then shipper-VOCC Service Contracts in lieu of tariff rules and rates for ocean transportation.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 8 minutes)

Regulation of Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTIs)

This lesson covers the FMC regulations with respect to:

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 18 minutes)

Shipper-Forwarder Relationship

In this lesson we address the relationship between shipper and forwarder as being that of agent to principal, a forwarder's responsibilities a agent, and operational concerns when working with foreign forwarders in obtaining routed shipments.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 13 minutes)

Forwarder-Carrier Relationship; Routing Ocean Cargo, Use of NVOCC Routings

This lesson focuses on the relationship between an ocean forwarder and the ocean carrier, particularly an NVO. We pay special attention to the frequent case in which a forwarder concurrently acts as an NVO for its's shipper's cargo.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 13 minutes)

Key Points Every Ocean Forwarder Employee Should Know about FMC Regulations

This lesson serves as a summary of issues already learned, plus a number of additional compliance issues, with links to more information for those learners who which to expand their understanding.

(Estimated study time: 52 minutes)

NVO Regulation & Tariff Filing

This lesson addresses the requirement for all NVOs providing service via U.S. ports to become an OTI with the FMC and publish a tariff. Also, tariff strategy.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 18 minutes)

NVOCC Service Arrangements ("NSAs")

This lesson addresses confidential "NSAs" between an NVOCC and a shipper.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 13 minutes)

NVO Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NRAs)

This lesson addressed this important new (April, 2011) ability of NVO's to enter into negotiated rate arrangements with shippers in a much simpler way than an NVOCC service arrangement ("NSA"), thereby avoiding the requirement to publish freight rates in their tariffs, and maintaining rates conficential.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 33 minutes)

NVOCC Bills of Lading

This lesson addresses NVO B/L issuance and carrier liability.

(Estimated study time: 49 minutes)

NVOCC Co-Loading

This lesson addresses the benefits and risks of NVO co-loading, including U.S. regulatory concerns.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 18 minutes)

NVO Regulatory Compliance Summary & Checklist

In this final lesson, key FMC compliance and operational issues are reviewed in checklist format.

(Estimated study time: 44 minutes)