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LACBFFA Online Training 

M.I.D. Codes...What You Need to Know.

It has become increasingly important for ABI filers to send accurate and correct M.I.D. codes in ABI transactions. This is due to increased enforcement and security initiatives of Customs and other government agencies. This course will lay out everything you need to know to create an accurate M.I.D. every time.

Price: $20

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GISTnet provides Internet/intranet-based performance support, training courses, assessment tools and educational support to professionals and staff engaged in international trade, cargo transportation and logistics. GISTnet's primary focus is on the support and career developments needs of transportation intermediaries (freight forwarders, customs brokers, indirect carriers and third-party logistics providers), including both technical training and key business skills such as customer service and supervision. The GISTnet library and training courses are also of interest to shippers, importers and exporters.

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GISTnet offers courses in logistics, transportation, customer service and office applications. The materials are available on demand through any internet connection. Lessons are designed to be completed within an hour and learners are welcome to print course materials for reference. Certificates are awarded upon the completion of each course. View the GISTnet course catalog.

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